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Archive - 2013

Milestone 2

Milestone 2… Ontario (Jeff anyway… Nic still in BC) I am now travelling back from Elliot Lake, ON with my parents. We have been visiting with Emily for the last few days. My little girls is not so little anymore. She will be 17 soon and in grade twelve this year. Nic and I need to be back in Canada next June to go to Emily’s high school graduation...

Milestone 1

Milestone 1… We have made it to our first waypoint in our journey. We finally got out of Fort Smith on Friday July 5th at about 5pm. We had to clean the house and pack it up for our renter. To be totally honest, Nicola wanted to start on that months ago. I kept delaying saying that we should do it after we were done work. That is my strong philosophy of why do...