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Highlights of Travel to Egypt

Egypt to Argentina Is A Long Way

Egypt to Argentina Is A Long Way In my last update we had just spent our first evening in Luxor. As it turned out we only drove past the Luxor Temple which was quite impressive when all lit up but we did not stop for photos. Maybe we would get another chance to go on our own the next night. The next morning we went to the Valley of the Kings. The Valley of the Kings...

Egyptian Euphoria

We arrived in Cairo on the 17th of January. We flew Qatar Airways so our flight went from Cochin, India to Doha, Qatar and then to Cairo. Flying time was about 7.5 hours and Cairo is 3.5 hours behind India time. We were met immediately in Cairo by Achmed from On The Go Tours. He is OTG’s local representative in Cairo. He led us through everything in the airport...