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Highlights of Travel to Morocco

Morocco… Over and Out

Morocco… Over and Out Our three weeks in Morocco has come to an end and we are now in London, UK. I enjoyed our time in Morocco but in the end I was craving some different food. Too many restaurants in Morocco and eating the same food over and over… couscous, tajine, pastilla. It is good to have some variety which in this case means something more like...

Moroccan Camel Trek… With a good long camel ride

Another Desert Safari… This time with a good camel ride. Last I wrote we were just arriving back in Fez after three days in Chefchaouen. We have been busy since them and without a lot of internet access. Upon arriving in Fez, we immediately sought out a doctor to deal with my digestive issues. I had researched some clinics and doctors in the Nouvelle Ville area...

Morocco… Medinas and Tajine

Morocco… Medinas and Tajine I am writing this post on the bus from Chefchaouen, Morocco to Fez, Morocco. The road is a series of switchbacks as we descend a mountain. I am flailing about as I try to write this. A girl just sat on the floor beside me and began vomiting. A lot of detail I realize but just trying to illustrate how rough this is. We arrived in...