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Highlights of Travel to Italy

Costa Cruise from Genoa to Mauritius

Several months ago we did a cruise along the Norwegian fjords and up to Svalbard. On that cruise, one of the waiters was from Madagascar. We asked him tonnes of questions and our desire to visit Madagascar began to grow. Getting there is expensive though; especially as we started to look at flights to island hop including Seychelles, Reunion and Mauritius. These are...

Genoa, Nice, Monaco and Portofino

This will be a very short post. We are in Genoa, Italy (pronounced Gen-o-va in Italy). Getting here was a bit of an issue. We had a bus ticket from Munich. On the way to the bus station, the underground broke down and we were stuck for about 20 minutes. We ended up missing our bus… I am surprised this hasn’t happened more to us. We lost about 50 euros but I may get...

Thanksgiving with Friends, Geneva and Rome

Thanksgiving with Friends, Geneva and Rome When last I posted we were arriving in Geneva. We went to Geneva to visit with friends who used to live in Fort Smith. Minoo and Bernie Sheehan left Fort Smith maybe six years ago now. They lived in Calgary for a few years and then moved to Geneva almost two years ago now. When we arrived in Geneva we were shocked that there...