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  1. We lost the url for your blog then finally it turned up in a pile of papers! We’ve been enjoying your pictures on Facebook, but it is nice to read some of your stories. Nicola – we’re going to Sweetgrass next week and we’ll miss you out there! And hoping for good weather, it’s miserable today.

  2. Dear Nicola and Geoff

    I am here in Penticton visiting with your Mom and have jusr read your fascinating account of your camel trek. What adventures you have experienced.Loved the way you tell the story,Geoff…maybe a book one day.
    We are busy doing outdoor things and finally some cooler windy and a bit wet but it is time after all the hot sun.You both look well.
    Love Ann

  3. Enjoyed meeting you two in Katakalon, Greece while touring the ancient Olympic grounds! Loving the blog. We hope you two have many more adventures together and keep on blogging so we can continue to share in your experiences in our great big world!

  4. Hi Jeff,
    What an amazing adventure you are on!

    It was very sad about Robert. I’ll really miss him — he was a good friend. One bright spot was seeing your parents and Michele at the funeral.

    Now that I’ve seen your website I’ll be checking back to follow your trip.

    Take care.