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Krakow – Auschwitz, Salt Mines and Bike Rides

I am writing about our week in Krakow from Amman, Jordan. From Warsaw, we travelled by train to Krakow. It was about a three hour train ride. Nic loves trains much more than busses. I booked first class but it was extremely hot (no AC) on the train. We both had window seats facing each other but Nic had the breeze from the window and I had none. I survived...

Warsaw – A Tough History

We spent a week in Warsaw, Poland after taking a bus from Vilnius, Lithuania. The theme for the week was not just free walking tours, but was also free museums. An online search taught us that most museums had one day each week that was free. We are not big museum people but when it is free we are a little more willing to spend a bit of time in a museum. Polish beer...