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Travel Destinations and Highlights

Living a beach life in Zanzibar

 “Why you hurry hurry… you should polle polle” (pronounced po-lay) say the Masai selling their necklaces and bracelets on the beach. Looking is free.. touching is free… but buying will cost ya. We are on a beach in a small community southeast of Stone Town called Paje. In my last post, we were on the ferry to Zanzibar. Now, I am in our...

Welcome to Tanzania

 Welcome to Tanzania A quick update as we take the ferry from Dar Es Salaam. We had a long flight from Toronto to Dar. The plane went Toronto-Rome-Addis Ababa-Dar Es Salaam. We were quite comfortable from Toronto to Rome because we had three seats to ourselves. A young guy from Fort McMurray was on his way to Rwanda was sharing our row but moved giving us more...