The Northwest Territories

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As we travel the world and meet many people, they often ask us about where we live. Many SAY they would like to visit but frankly very few ever do. It can be expensive to get here but I must say it will be totally worth it once you make the decision to come.
I will do a post specifically about Fort Smith (the town where we live)… but this is more broadly about the Northwest Territories. In Canada there are 10 provinces and 3 territories. The 3 territories encompass all of Canada’s north. From west to east, the three territories are Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. I have lived in both Northwest Territories and Nunavut (full disclosure, it was still NWT then) but have only visited Yukon. We often put it all in perspective by saying “there is Alaska, then the Yukon, and then the NWT” (add hand gestures moving left to right to illustrate west to east). Here is a map of Canada’s north to make it move visual.

I sometimes also describe where we live as a 14 hour drive north of Edmonton. The map above only shows Canada’s north, but it is helpful to visualize all of Canada. From this map, you see how we are basically due north of Edmonton.

Must Do Canada is a website about all of the best things to do in Canada – Coast to Coast to Coast. Check out their posts about the Northwest Territories and watch their very cool video below:
Sometimes people are excited to learn that the Ice Road Truckers television show is often filmed in the Northwest Territories. Daring long haul drivers make a living hauling their loads to remote locations across frozen lakes and rivers. After 11 seasons, this television series has a world-wide following. For some, this is more interesting than our world famous aurora borealis. Check it out on the History Channel
Ice Road Truckers
Here is another amazing website with information about the:
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