Geocaching the World

A very quick introduction to geocaching. I am not going to go into great detail. If you are interested you can look at or the link below for specific details.

Basically, geocaching is an outdoor activity in which we use a gps or smartphone to navigate to cleverly hidden “caches” that have been hidden by other geocachers. By logging into we can see information about geocaches that are nearby. Many have tricky puzzles or clues that you need to follow. Others are more simple but still smartly hidden. Nevertheless, we find geocaching a fun way to explore the areas we are visiting. Our geocaching handle is BigWorld2See… it used to be fscachalot… I changed it recently.

What is geocaching? (a link to the explanation)

Since we left home in May, we have found caches in Norway, Svalbard, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia and Estonia. And that is just until early July. As of this post, we have found 71 caches in 17 countries. That is growing all the time.

Current as of July 10, 2019
This may be a spoiler if you look for this one… That said it was a little tricky to find.