Where are we going?

People always want to know, where are we going for our year away… So, I thought I would do a quick post and tell everyone what I tell those who ask.
Well, we have travelled a lot… Nicola much more than Jeff. Since we have been together, we have travelled to China, Korea, Indonesia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, and more. Nicola alone has travelled to more than 60 countries.
So, we have a bucket list as do many obsessive/avid travellers. Some of our places are different from each other. This is mainly because Nic has already been to some places that Jeff wants to go. We will not get to all of them in a year but we will definitely get to some of them. Here are some of the major highlights of our plan:
Antarctica – This is Nicola’s final continent… her final frontier. Being a teacher, it is next to impossible to get there during her school holidays. We need to try to get there during January or February. We will likely book a cruise from Chile. We will likely get to Ecuador, go to Galapagos before we get down to Chile. After we get to Antarctica we may work our way up to Brazil.
Nepal – This is on both of our bucket lists. Our thoughts on going to Nepal are different however mainly because Jeff wants to go to Mount Everest Base Camp. This is about an 11 day hike and can be fairly grueling. Nicola may just spend that time seeing the sights in Nepal. We also plan to visit India for quite some time while we are in this neck of the woods. We would love to also get to Tibet if we can.
New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands – We need some time in the sun. We intend to spend some time in New Zealand and the South Pacific. We live in Canada’s north so we plan to have plenty of time in the sun and heat.
Like I have said before, there are so many places we hope to see as well that we will not even try to list them all right here. Nevertheless, we will update our plans as they get finalized.
Jeff and Nic