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About Us

In May 2020 we completed our second full year of travel around the world. This time we completely circumnavigated the world. In 2013/14, we travelled the world for 13 months and got to all seven continents.

We live and work in Fort SmithNorthwest Territories, Canada. We work for Aurora College.

Nicola has been to 130 countries and territories (using the criteria established by Travellers’ Century Club). Jeff has been to only 97 using the same list. Using just UN Member States and Non-Member Observor States, Nic has been to 100 and Jeff to 74. The Philippines was number 100 for Nicola.

Our world travels are long from over however, we have completed World Tour Part II. World Tour Part III is planned for 2024-2025. There will definitely be shorter trips before that so stay tuned.

As of March 29, 2020

  • 100 UN Nic
  • 131 TCC Nic
  • 7 Continents
  • 76 UN Jeff
  • 112 TCC Jeff

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Milestone 1

Milestone 1… We have made it to our first waypoint in our journey. We finally got out of Fort Smith on Friday July 5th at about 5pm. We had to clean the house and pack it up for our renter. To...

Where are we going?

People always want to know, where are we going for our year away… So, I thought I would do a quick post and tell everyone what I tell those who ask. Well, we have travelled a lot… Nicola...

Travel Plans

We are in the process of planning a year of travel beginning in July 2013. We will be getting to many of the places on our personal bucket lists including Antarctica, New Zealand, Morocco, Nepal...