Why you should put Madagascar on your bucket list…

Vasa Bonbon: An Amazing 24 Days in Madagascar

Costa Cruise from Genoa to Mauritius

Genoa, Nice, Monaco and Portofino

Zagreb, Ljubljana and Oktoberfest (Munich)

The Siege of Sarajevo

Serbia – Starting to Understand the Wars

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Starting in May 2019, we began another year of travel. In 2013/14, we travelled the world for 13 months. We live and work in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada. We work for Aurora College.

Over the past four years: Galapagos, Ireland, Scotland, Columbia, Alaska, Jamaica and more. Nicola has been to 123 countries and territories (using the criteria established by Travellers’ Century Club). Jeff has been to only 83 using the same list. Using just UN Member States and Non-Member Observor States, Nic has been to 95 and Jeff to 63.

We hope you will follow along with our next adventure: World Tour Take 2 - May 2019 to May 2020.

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Travel Statistics (Updated September 28, 2019)

  • 63 Jeff's United Nations Member States Visited
  • 83 Jeff's TCC Countries & Territories Visited
  • 95 Nicola's United Nations Member States Visited
  • 123 Nicola's TCC Countries & Territories Visited


Genoa, Nice, Monaco and Portofino

This will be a very short post. We are in Genoa, Italy (pronounced Gen-o-va in Italy). Getting here was a bit of an issue. We had a bus ticket from Munich. On the way to the bus station, the underground broke down and we were stuck for about 20 minutes. We ended up missing our bus… I am...

The Siege of Sarajevo

After Belgrade, we took a bus to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was stop two in the Balkans and in the former Yugoslavia. It was also the one we were most excited about. Of our stops on this trip, Sarajevo is perhaps the most affected by war ‘in our lifetimes.’ I can remember the...