Our Country Counts

We used the country and territory list from The Travelers’ Century Club to do a count for ourselves. Their list includes territories that are not usually defined as countries. However, their criteria have evolved over time. Look at the criteria for territories to be counted here. The shortest stop in a country is also counted for this club. The tabs below show the current totals as well as the total we had in 2019 before we started our second year of travel around the world. Also, we have included our country counts for UN States (193 member states and 2 observer states). 

195 states are part of the United Nations. 193 are member states and 2 are observer states. As of February 2024, Jeff has been to 78 of them and Nic to 102.


Here is our country and territory counts in February 2024 in advance of our travels starting in August 2024:

Here were our totals in 2019 before we began our second trip around the world. Nicola was at 110 and I was at 66.