Ready to Book Leg 1 – Iceland

With 90 days to go, we are ready to book the first leg of our trip. By the time we pack our house, drop our cat in Penticton, have family visits, I expect we will be on our way by mid-May. So we are now researching what to do in Iceland during the last half of May. Where to stay, what to do, and how to get around.

We are considering flying into Reykjavik and staying there for a few days. We will likely rent a car and drive the Ring Road. How long should we take to drive the Ring Road? Where should we stay along the way? What should we see along the trip?

There is a few things we definitely want to see in Iceland. First of all I want to explore the Golden Circle and see the Strokkur Geyser. The other thing that is high on my list is snorkeling in the Silfra rift. We love snorkeling and the Silfra rift which is a fissure between the continental tectonic plates between North America and Europe. It will surely be cold but what an amazing experience.

We don’t have it all figured out yet but some of the other things we will surely explore include many waterfalls, icebergs, ice caves, reindeer, coastlines, volcanoes, mud pools, and geothermal lagoons. We might be a bit early for whale watching (the whale season starts in June), but maybe we will get lucky.

Our initial research tells us that it will not be cheap. Getting there will not be bad. One way, I think we can get to Iceland for about $250 CAD. And getting from Iceland to Norway will be quite reasonable. However, hostels and hotels are not cheap especially as we are getting into high season. Food and gas is also very expensive. We could rent a camper van but apparently you cannot just park for the night just anywhere anymore; you have to stay in a campground.

We would love to hear from our friends who have travelled to Iceland. What are your recommendations? Give us some suggestions on where to go, where to stay, how to get around, etc. You can make suggestions through comments or on our FB page. Takk Fyrir Síðast

There is a few sites/articles that I found that are worth sharing:

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