Travel Budget: How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to travel for a year? If you have never done it before it can be very difficult to create a budget. This post will show some tools you can use to estimate travel costs and set yourself a budget. They may not be perfect but it is good to have a ballpark. Having a budget might actually help you pick where you will go, for how long, and what you can expect it to cost.

We are not totally sure how much it cost us to travel for a year in 2013/14 however we do know that we came home with money. We did not travel on the complete cheap but we also did not live high on the hog. There were times we splashed out and times we lived like Nic did when she was travelling with no money. We used some of these tools to estimate our travel costs for 2019/20.

A simple website that gives you cost estimates for visits to different cities around the world. You can decide whether your style is budget, mid-range or luxury travel. Here is an example for Istanbul. Pick your travel style and currency:

Istanbul Travel Costs

Add Your International Transportation

Use any travel website to estimate your flight costs. I often use Kayak because I can search over a few days and find the best price estimates. You can really chose any flight search engine. Essentially, we just use it to estimate flight costs at this point. You can be even more specific by searching out the cost of trains and buses.

Putting it all together

The first cost you got from is an estimate of daily costs to be there. Then you estimated the cost of getting there and between the cities you will travel. Together these should give you a rough estimate of your total trip cost. has a tool to help you create your itinerary and trip costs. We did a rough one for the year using mid-range travel and then added in international travel. We didn’t try to get to exact with the costs. As you travel you can actually track your exact costs. We have never done that… mostly because it would probably stress Nic out. Here is what I calculated and her comment was “Mid-range? What are we millionaires?”

The budget estimated on