Jamaican Christmas 

It has been a very long time since we posted on BW2C. It is not that we have not travelled at all but more that travel has not been our everyday thing. I am happy to say that we are well on our way to another year of travel. In 2.5 years we will hit the road again for a year. That sounds like a lot of time but I fully expect it will fly by. 
We are now on our way to Jamaica for 3.5 weeks over Christmas. We spent a week with my family in southern Ontario and we are now at the airport getting ready to board our flight to Montego Bay. Anyone who knows how we travel would never wonder whether we are staying in an all-inclusive. If you do not know how we travel, the answer is no. We are booking our way across the island in a few places. So far we have not booked any hostels but we are only about half booked so far. 
We have booked a couple of days in Montego Bay and then a week in Negril. We booked four days in Runaway Bay over Nic’s birthday. Other than that we are wide open. It will be snorkelling, sunning and rum punch I expect. Ya mon!
Since our last stop of our year of travel in Fiji we have travelled some. We did a cruise to Alaska; my daughter and I went to Los Angeles; Nic went with Nash, Moire, and Rose to Myanmar. I guess we are travelling when we can but we are definitely starting to think about the big trip coming up. 
News for this year is Nicola’s new job. She is the Student Life and Wellness Coordinator at Thebacha Campus, Aurora College. Now we work together every day. This job allows her to take holidays in the winter. So, to celebrate that we are taking this trip now. She loves her job and is very good at it. She seems to really connect with the students. She loves going to work everyday. 
So, here is your challenge… Many of our friends and followers are big travellers. Help us pick some places to go in our future travels. In the comments, identify places you have been or places that are on your bucket list. Be sure to tell us why we should go there!!! We have already started talking about where to go and what to do. Maybe you will inspire us.
Have a Merry Christmas
Jeff & Nic