Iceland Camper Van Research

We booked a camper van for 11 days in May 2019. Price was not the only factor. In fact, one of the big factors for me was getting a bed that I would fit in. So part of my research was to figure out the bed size. For some, bed size would be less important, but I am 6′ 6″ tall so I did not want to suffer the whole time.

The other important factor is the price. We were looking to book for 11 days. Be sure to check whether the price includes tax. Things such as whether the van includes sleeping bags (or linens), pillows, an internal heater, a fridge/cooler, a stove, camp equipment, etc. are important. This is our first stop outside of Canada and we cannot bring all of this with us.

Like all vehicle rentals, insurance is important. Most include a basic Collision Damage Waiver. Our credit card provides insurance as long as we do not select additional insurance (this is a whole other post).

Some of the other things that may be important to you include wifi, gps, extra driver, child seat, etc. These are usually add ons that you can choose. However, look to see if there is promo code out there that might get them added on for free. I didn’t get a promo code, but the vehicle we got includes wifi and sat nav (GPS). We also added on an extra driver and it was only $21 CAD for 11 days.

Make sure you check where you can get the van. Some include a free pickup at your hotel but others may have a charge for it. Determine where you plan to go. Most camper vans will not allow you to go on the F roads. If you are hoping to go on them, make sure you get one that allows it.

I did not review every single website because there are a lot of them. Many are resellers and you will see their websites and prices look alike. Below is the chart I created to compare them. Most important factors for me were, in this order, bed size, cost, and other things included. We went with GoIceland:

This is the type of van we selected… a Renault Trafic 3